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If you are looking to improve:

                    β    ethics & compliance engagement - to wins hearts and minds
                    β    deployment of ethics& compliance programmes
                    β    implementation of Adequate Procedures (UK Bribery Act compliance)
                    β    adoption of third party procedures in international markets

Or, in essence if you want to:

                    β    successfully embed a business culture for good ethics & compliance

Beta4Change are niche Ethics & Compliance Consultants with deep specialist knowledge of People Change Psychology.

That means we know how to get better ethics & compliance behaviours embedded into all-levels, and therefore throughout organisations.

We facilitate lasting ethical behaviour improvements. 

We can help you to develop the virtuous cycle for improving trust and integrity, that leads to better compliance, better business performance and better company reputation.

What sets us apart is a rare combination of understanding - a specialism in the psychology and transformation of:
                    β    Corporate Ethics & Compliance
                    β    Ethical People Leadership and Change

We provide hands-on expertise to build your ethical culture, with an engaging approach that brings your employees with you.

Fundamentally we understand the people-side of ethics and compliance.
Fundamentally we understand the psychology of ethical change.
Fundamentally we understand that "where ethics leads, compliance follows"  !!!

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"We do like your style, it is refreshing to have such an 
ethical approach to transitioning our business."
Compliance Director (FTSE100 Company)