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If you are looking to improve:

                    β    Business Culture (e.g. post M&A)
β    Ethics & Compliance Adoption
β    Winning Hearts and Minds for Employee Engagement
                    β    Engineering or Business Innovation
                    β    Implementation of Adequate Procedures (UK Bribery Act Compliance)
                    β    Values, Mission and Vision and bring Employees with you

Or, in essence if you want to:

                    β    successfully embed a new culture for a new era

βeta4Change are a niche Change Consultancy that specialise in the psychology of People Change and sustainable change based on the principle of being Ethics & Values led.

Our expertise is in getting your desired behaviour changes adopted and embedded into all-levels throughout your organisation.

We facilitate lasting behaviour improvements by helping you to develop the virtuous cycle for improving values that improve trust and integrity, that in turn leads to better engagement and compliance, that ultimately lead to better business performance and better company reputation.

What sets us apart is our specialist hands-on expertise to build cultures with an engaging approach that brings your employees with you.  When it comes to the people-side of change, we are skilled in the psychology of ethics and change, because "where ethics leads, compliance follows"

We have a little whitepaper that gives a greater insight "
Laddering an Effective Culture"

Our listening to your needs.  So please pick up the phone and Contact us today