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Like many of our clients, you may know that developing a Change Strategy or developing a Code of Business Conduct is just a good start.  That start however, is comparatively easy compared to making the deep and lasting change to the way people perform for your business.  That requires adoption!

So knowing this, what can you to do about it?

Our first tip is to look at the psychology behind the issue.

Our experience tells us loud and clear that you can't combat non-compliance by just fighting the non-compliance.  Just like you can't stop children playing by an open fire by telling them 'not to play by the fire'.

By tackling such cultural issues as ethics & compliance from this ... as well as dovetailing with our other psychology and culture change tools ... we are able to assist your change programme.

For example, it is one thing to know improving ethical culture relies on developing trust and accountability, it is quite another to know how to unlock those secrets in deployment and adoption.
Where ethics leads, then behaviour change and compliance will follow.

As companies receive ever closer scrutiny of their corporate behaviours, we are excelling at getting strong commitment from senior leadership ... making the 'walking the talk' seen and heard.  This is often where companies without specialist help suffer badly.

We are happy to assist you in discovering how best to achieve this.  Just contact Us.