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Employees need to be engaged, and invested in your future.  Are you getting that at the moment?

It is not traditional thinking to use ethics to develop that for you, but looking at the causes of the causes where employees are not as engaged or as invested in your future as you would like, provides the basis of a very compelling business case.
If you demand high-performance from employees without:        

     ß  Your leaders living your values
     ß  Providing a framework of Accountability
     ß  Building Trust
     ß  Modelling desired behaviours 
     ß  Rewarding expected behaviours
                                                               ... then why would your employees follow your leadership?
                                                                   The answer would clearly be NO!!

Then it may not surprise you that employees will resist.  This puts your business at risk in the following areas:

     ß  Risk of employees taking short cuts
     ß  Risk of bribery and corruption
     ß  Risk to productivity and the bottom line profitability
     ß  Risk to reputation and brand value 
     ß  Risk to personal liberty and livelihood

Tragic!   Because what this creates is an ethical gap.  The ethical gap between your desired culture and the near-toxic resistance you keep hitting your head against.

Hopefully this is painting a picture.  Perhaps a picture that demands a re-frame!!   Therefore ...

ßeta4Change can assist you to eliminate that ethical gap, by making sure your ethical culture is re-framed to be consistent and engaging.  By building new skills whilst respecting the past and making resistance flow away from your new and developing culture.

We do this by generating involvement and not just communication.  Communication is merely a tool to allow people to anticipate a changing world – nothing more.

So if you think we can help you ... Contact us to find out how Beta4Change can help your ethical change