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Implementing a policy on the UK Bribery Act is less than half the task of ensuring its successful employee adoption.  Employee adoption of your policy is the key differentiator.

Adoption requires a focused approach to engaging employee trust and belief.  A focus that we can assist you with to ensure your policy becomes a living respected behaviour.
At ßeta4Change we offer an interconnected approach that ensures your policy is successfully blended into your company culture and better ensures it is adopted and applied.

All behaviour is manipulated by its consequences, so we improve policy application making your business and its processes far more effective and profitable.

Our skilled learning and development experts all have proven experience in successfully implementing ethics and compliance programmes.

These experts help you to craft an engaging policy and accompanying set of procedures.  We conduct a Training Needs Analysis to identify different employee risk categories.  For each category we develop engaging blended training, fully comprising scenarios, anecdotes and interactive questions to foster a stronger can-do approach to post learning.

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