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The right message from leadership is vital to any successful business activity.  This is particularly so where your employees, whether front-line workers, middle-management or top-tier-management ...
or more likely all three groups, need to be fully engaged for the adoption of your intended changes.

This will needs you to focus heavily on ethical and values based change procedures.
Leaders often desire our assistance to coach them and their teams to aid their change programmes.  Here we offer a brief sample of some of our salient advice.
We are happy for you to download and digest without obligation.
But we do say, if you need skilled assistance, then why not give us a call as well ...

Get the Right People on the Bus

Nurturing your Corporate Culture

Smart Thinking for SMART Goal Setting

Whistleblowing - Would this rose smell sweeter by another name?

Laddering an Effective Culture

We use short, simple and fun videos to assist in making our training and mentoring more engaging.

Watch our videos on:

Mentoring conversations on values

What perceived obligations exist when suppliers offer gifts?

Can we help Darth Vader Banker find his moral compass?

Might a listening culture develop company values for normal people?

Can you improve Ethics Accountability?

Contact ßeta4Change and you'll be better for the change