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Without understanding the drivers of your culture, then providing a means to properly avoid associated performance risks is extremely difficult.

Refined over many engagements, the βeta4Change Culture Deployment Methodology provides an objective assessment and then provides a tailored deployment plan for successful adoption by your leadership, management and rank-and-file alike.

Our Culture Deployment Assessments identify what drives your 'real' culture.  We can quickly hone in on the critical elements that we have found mark the essence of your culture in practice, which can in some instances be far divorced from your stated or expected culture.  From identifying how these critical elements relate to your culture, we develop a strategy to prioritise remedial actions for improvement.  With practical steps to help your senior executives and line management deploy these improvements and thereby mitigate against and reduce your performance risks.

Easily repeatable, your Culture Deployment Assessment helps you demonstrate progress as your  culture evolves.
For Ethics & Compliance, and Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption type programmes, this assessment of deployment will be an important element of demonstrating Adequate Procedures under the UK Bribery Act.

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